the girl behind the lens

the girl behind the lense

hi! my name is tara and i have this crazy love for life! anyone who knows me would say that i was born with a camera in my hand. 
my love for photography.. 
i have always lived my life by the phrase "do what you love, love what you do". living by this has put me in a profession where i never feel like i am working, but simply just doing what i love! there is something about children that just make me feel full. finding the magic within each child is my favorite thing to do while photographing. getting them in their most comfortable place to be and showing that through my images. one thing you should know about me is that i won't put the camera down until we capture what we came for! 
the fam bam..
princess #1, taylee sue. this is the older one. she is my little cuddle bug, mommy's girl.
princess #2, teegan lou. this is the younger one. my stinker winker full of life. a daddy's girl to say the least. 
these girls are my world. what else is life really about?!
daddy.. aka louis. the man of the house. he is the highlight of every afternoon when he walks in the door. he works so hard to provide for his babies (mommy included).